Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program
Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program

Uniting to Save Animals is pleased to announce its support of the Roxbury Correctional Facility’s Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program.

Roxbury Correctional Institution has hosted a Prison Dog Training program since 2011.  The program has been sponsored by Lost Dog, Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (HOPE) and now by Uniting to Save Animals (U2SA).  U2SA sponsorship entails covering all food and training costs for all dogs during program participation.  95% of all dogs entering this program are successfully adopted out upon completion of the program.

Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program Mission

  • To provide scientifically based positive reinforcement training and behavior modification to dogs at risk of homelessness or euthanasia.
  • To provide the skills necessary to the Inmate Dog Handlers to successfully train the dogs in our care and to then be able to use those skills toward successful employment when their incarceration is completed.

Program Details

  • Ten inmate handlers work under the direction of a professional trainer.
  • In partnership with DLLR-Corrections Education, we are developing a program to evaluate the effectiveness of the trainers for use to prospective employers when they are released from the program.
  • Dogs will remain in the program for a period of 12-18 weeks.
  • Dogs are trained on standard behavioral cues including Touch, Site, Down and Stay.  Additionally various behavioral issues such as jumping up, nipping, destructive chewing, resource guarding, agression, and separation anxiety are addressed.  Finally, each dog is trained on fun tricks such as shake or high five, crawling, roll over, and bow.
  • Each dog that successfully completes the program is then available for adoption.

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