Every time we turn around, there’s another story in the news about dog food recalls or lawsuits against dog food companies regarding the ingredients in their food.  But still, an overwhelming percentage of pet owners have no idea about the true ingredients in their dog’s food, or what constitutes “good” ingredients.  When a dog food claims to be “all natural” or “premium” or “grain-free”, the minimal standards and regulations imposed on the companies by the government essentially make these statements nothing more than marketing catch-phrases.

So the people over at Reviews.com decided to take matters into their own hands and put a team to work full-time to do a great deal of research on the subject.  They dedicated ten researchers full-time spending over 1400 project hours to investigate 115 brands with 2,223 different formulas.  Out of that investigation, they came up with a list of 29 recommended brands and 134 formulas.

You can check out their recommendations and learn more about their full report on their site at http://www.reviews.com/dog-food/.

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