Meet Max

Max is a male 18 month old chihuahua mix. He has had his leg broken previously and is afraid of men. He and his brother dog (a lab) had been verbally and physically abused.  U2SA stepped in back in January when Max’s family had to enter a women’s and children’s shelter.  He was placed with a foster family for a week and then moved on to his adopted family.  During the week at the foster family’s home, they did observe protective behavior towards the mother and children, which was certainly to be expected after all of his experiences, but there was no aggression towards the father.  There was one other dog in the foster family’s home and Thunder got along well with that dog.  

At his newly adopted home, Max had several adopted chihuahua brothers and sisters.  For the first few months, everything was fine.  But after about 3 months, Max started acting out and exhibiting jealous behavior, snapping and fighting with the other dogs.  It did eventually progress to snapping and biting at the family members and visitors.  His adoptive family feels that there is just too much commotion in their household for Max to feel comfortable. When separated from the other dogs, there are no issues with his behavior.

Max would be best in a home with no other dogs or cats, although he has not been tested specifically with cats.  He will also do best in a home with no small children due to his past traumas.

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