Meet Piper

Piper is a 8 year old, spayed female brown brindle and white boxer with a laid back personality. She was surrendered to HSWC supposedly because she barked too much and disturbed the neighbors.  But she has barely ever barked while she has been with her foster.  Her foster said she didn’t think she did bark at all the first 2 days she was there.  She is pretty much is a senior lady who just sleeps with a few spurts of playfulness here and there.

She did have some pretty big tumors on her rear legs, and U2SA paid to have the surgery done to remove them.  They were benign fatty tumors.  The trainer thinks the owners likely couldn’t afford the surgery and turned her in for that reason, so that she would be put down and they wouldn’t have to pay.  She has only ever been the only dog, and does okay around other dogs on leash, but can get aggressive with them when off leash.  So she must be the only dog.  She is kid friendly (best not real little kids though given her senior age).

We are unaware of her interaction with cats.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Piper, all costs for fostering or adoption will be covered by U2SA for an approved home.

Interested in Fostering or Adopting?

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